How to write a scholarship thank you letter

Oct 6, 2021

For now, we hope to make it as easy as possible for your scholarship thank-you letter to say everything the right way, for all the right reasons. 

What is a scholarship thank-you letter?

A college scholarship thank-you letter formally and directly conveys appreciation to the providers of financial assistance supporting your education. Whether their award decision was based on academic merit, financial need or personal qualities, your demonstration of worthiness set you apart from untold numbers of other applicants. 

Although some scholarship recipients may be required to write a thank-you letter, it is often a personal choice that has no bearing on your entitlement to keep the award. But having nothing to lose is hardly a good reason to procrastinate or skip your note of thanks altogether.

A well-written scholarship thank-you letter really can be as simple as we’ve tried to make it sound. Because a short letter will usually do just fine, the time you need to spend writing it is typically not long, 

Before taking you through the simple how-to-write steps, alongside a scholarship thank-you letter template and example, we’ll begin with the “why” aspect of thanking your scholarship donor.